Denise Scattergood is an expert leader, trainer, and coach who offers elite level group and one-on-one coaching programs and seminars.

The Positive Forward Motion Podcast is dedicated to discussing topics designed to help individuals get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want out of life.

Consortium Media was tasked to develop a new website featuring podcasts, blogs, positive messaging, and personalized content to build Denise Scattergood’s personal brand as well as the Positive Forward Motion philosophy.

What We Did

Consortium Media’s web design team organized content to spotlight Denise’s personal messaging around improving your life through positive motivation and personalized strategies, podcasts, blogs and services. With the help of photos, inspirational quotes and design inspiration from the Positive Forward Motion Brand, content was programmed to display less text and more photos and impact statements, using responsive design, user-friendly easy-to-navigate elements such as tabs, accordions, and lightboxes.

  • website development
  • website design
  • content development
  • search engine optimization
  • graphic design
  • quality control
  • social media integration