Ojai Wine Festival: Reading Between the Wines

For over 30 years, the Ojai Wine Festival has served as the primary non-profit fundraising effort of the Rotary Club of Ojai-West and its numerous philanthropic endeavors that serve to enhance lives both locally and internationally. To date, the festival has raised over one million dollars for the Rotary Club of Ojai-West Foundation.

CM+PR was tasked to develop a professional, comprehensive, and highly visual marketing plan to promote the Ojai Wine Festival and increase ticket sales to raise funds for the event’s supporting organizations.


Branding, Public Relations, Social Media Management, Radio, Graphic Design, Digital and Traditional Ad Placement, Blogger Outreach, Website Redesign

CM+ Solution

Consortium Media has helped raise the profile of the Ojai Wine Festival through strategic management of their brand image, press outreach to target markets, social media management, media buys and fresh art with the ultimate goal of helping the Rotary Club raise more funds for their philanthropic efforts. CM+PR has been able to grow the brand of the Ojai Wine Festival, generating over 10 million impressions through press placements, social media and media, winning share of mind in the consumer.

In addition to our traditional marketing strategies of public relations, social media, and radio, Consortium Media partnered with 6 influential lifestyle, wine and foodie bloggers to provide additional press coverage for the 32nd Annual Ojai Wine Festival.

CM+ Results


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CM’s Guide to Re-Entry: Carving new paths to success

Consortium Media has lead the promotion of the Rotary Club of Ojai West ‘s Annual Ojai Wine Festival for five years. As the threat of COVID-19 increased, and social distancing guidelines grew stricter, the safety of the community was far greater than continuing on with the event. After months of event promotion and sales, Consortium Media needed to develop cancellation messaging and creative that was appropriate, tasteful and positive despite unforeseen circumstances.

After months of 2020 promotion and ticket sales, CM developed sensitive cancellation messaging and creative that was appropriate, tasteful and positive,  We developed consistent language to be shared on The Ojai Wine Festival webs and social media platforms, while careful outreach provided sponsors, blogger and hotel partners, and community patrons the information they needed concerning refunds, tickets returns/holds, and new 2021 date for The 34th Annual Ojai Wine Festival. On social media pages, positive posts and information were shared to continue engaging with our target audience through posts of charity projects, positive community news, and reminders about the rescheduled date consistent with our curated cancellation messaging and look.