As part of National Public Works Week, Ventura County schools and community members are invited to attended Ventura County Public Works Agency’s (VCPWA) annual Public Works Day event where they have the opportunity to learn directly from Public Works staff, representing their 5 departments: Central Services, Watershed Protection, Engineering, Transportation, and Water and Sanitation.

Consortium Media saw National Public Works Day as an important opportunity for the public to connect with VCPWA. We engage local schools through targeted outreach and have grown attendance at the event from 35 attendees to over 1,000 students, parents and teachers, who were able to tour through over 35 interactive exhibits and booths.

What We Did

Youth and attendees were given the opportunity to learn about the most recent innovations in safety, science and environmental sustainability The newly created thematic zoned stations featured over 35 interactive booths with hands-on augmented topography, informative discussions on Native Drought Resistant Plants, the County’s Raptor Program, building and safety, engineering STEM, and technology in public transportation to the always-popular live demonstrations of heavy equipment in action that highlighted the five departments of VCPWA.

In 2018, the event garnered a total of 11,797,446 impressions.

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