Touchless Outreach for Key Projects

As a firm specializing in education through public outreach, Consortium Media developed an exciting program that rethinks legally required public information delivery. 

Residents and business owners, through a “Touchless outreach survey program” were requested to give input on needed safety improvements.  The survey responses helped to make community voices heard and will likely obtain a key grant to bring these safety projects to fruition.   

A combination of old and new technology was developed, direct mail, local radio, informational Zoom videos in three languages; Spanish, Mixteco and English plus, our unique, social business platform CM+GeoAlgo(tm) which delivered the message only into the market in question. 


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CM+ Results

Even without in person meetings, our CM Touchless program provided a huge community awareness and response. Now CM is developing CEQA, NEQA educational community programs to ensure the public is educated on projects that affect their lives.​


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