Ventura County Public Health along with The Ventura County Action on Smoking and Health Partnership is committed to the de-normalization of tobacco and e-cigarette use in Ventura County by providing leadership and facilitating community mobilization to educate, advocate, and develop policy.

Teen vaping in Ventura County reached an all-time high in 2019, tipping into a public health crisis that needed immediate attention and education outreach. In a recent report, the Center of Disease Control (CDC) reported a 77.8% surge in e-cigarette use from 2017 to 2018 among high school students. Middle schoolers were proving most vulnerable with a reported 48.5 percent jump in just one year.

Ventura County Public Health and Ventura County Action on Smoking and Health (VC ASH), enlisted the support of Consortium Media to spearhead their anti-tobacco and youth education outreach program, developed to educate the public about the risks and dangers associated with teen smoking and vaping, and to help provide a better pathway for a healthier smoke free Ventura County.

What We Did

Consortium Media utilized our 5 pillars of Marketing Success® to immediately develop robust campaigns that utilized strategic multi-layered messaging to spread awareness and educate the public about the ongoing teen vaping health crisis in Ventura County.

Strategic press outreach, radio messaging, videos, as well as English and Spanish radio interviews were utilized to position VCPH and VC ASH as the leaders of Smoke Free VC, providing listeners with the most up to date education and resources to combat the teen vaping epidemic in our community. In just four short months, the multi-pillar outreach approach garnered more than 3.5 million impressions.

Consortium Media strengthened VC ASH’s social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with strong, anti-tobacco and vaping content. CM created multi-faceted editorial calendars focused on:

  • Increasing access to local tobacco free resources
  • Informing the public about trending stories relevant to the ongoing vaping crisis, and information guides to spread further awareness.

In conjunction with robust social media content, CM utilized our successful Geo Algo program to create campaigns targeting both youth and the general public. The initial four month campaign resulted in over 574,000 impressions, over 900 website conversions and over 200 new fans.


  • 1,688x radio media outreach spots and PSAs plus 13x interviews: Resulted in approx. 3,542,400 impressions in the local community, with $84,585 in added value.
  • To date, paid social advertising reached 55,642 people and garnered 344,376 Impressions and 1,537 Page Views.
  • Ventura County Action on Smoking & Health’s Facebook page reached 227,762 unique users and generated 382,182 impressions between May 1st and August 15th.
  • Press push resulted in $24,329 Paid Advertising Equivalency (PAE).
Radio Impressions
Social Media Impressions
$ in Paid Advertising Equivalency