Connecting Civically-Engaged Members of the Community

The Ventura County Civic Alliance is a unique regional collaborative of local civic leaders focused on the economic, environmental and social equity interests of Ventura County. Their primary goal is to promote a healthy and sustainable future for the region, while fostering dialogue between community members with a broad and diverse set of perspectives and priorities.


Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Content Strategy and Development, Video Production

CM+ Solution

Our marketing plan elevated brand awareness for the Ventura County Civic Alliance through custom content development for both Facebook anLinkedIn. Our campaigns highlighted the important work done by the Ventura County Civic Alliance’s State of the Region Report project, its benefit to the community at large and ways to join and support the organization.  

To strengthen the Ventura County Civic Alliance’s social media presence and connect them with civically-engaged members of the community, our team produced custom social media content, provided on-site event support and created monthly editorial calendars designed to share the Ventura County Civic Alliance’s mission while highlighting the benefits of membership. Within the first three months, we increased Facebook page likes 180% while generating over 200,000 impressions.  

CM+ Results

With our CM Geo Algo™ Facebook Ads, we strategically targeted audiences with demographic research to enhance brand awareness and generate interest in the Civic Alliance’s upcoming events. To date, our paid social media campaigns have generated 483,918 impressions and reached 79,212 users. 


Paid Social Media Impressions 


Users Reached