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Building powerful brands starts with a really great team.
For over 30 years, Consortium Media’s award-winning marketing services have helped Government agencies, non-profits, businesses, and corporations across the United States build their brands and communicate through integrated public relations, branding, design, social media, and education outreach campaigns. As a SBA certified Women-Owned Small Business, Consortium Media has the qualifications and experience required for local and government contracts.

We revolutionize people’s perception of your company, social issues, and brand cultures for positive change. The core of our mission stems from using our 5 Pillars of Marketing Success to precisely target desired demographics of all ages, a passion for helping youth, and developing new innovations that help us better express our hearts and build your brand.
Building powerful brands starts with a really great team.
Denise Bean White
Culturalist and CEO
As the company founder and leader, Denise’s innovative cultural brand work has successfully helped local, regional, national and international brands resonate with all generations by developing consistent messaging that reaches today’s complex and multifaceted consumers.

The secret to her forward-thinking brand strategy work is her unparalleled passion for ancient cultures. As the company founder and leader, her Thoughtshift cultural brand work has successfully helped local, regional, national and international brands by developing innovative marketing strategies that resonate with all generations.

With more than 35 years of experience in newspaper, radio, network television and brand strategy background, her unique perspective provides an in-depth creation of messaging and brand personalities that build and communicate corporate identities, while utilizing trend analysis and her 5 Pillars of Marketing Success to deliver cost-effective results.

The corporate philosophy of Consortium Media is to do well in the world by doing good works, and Denise’s passion to spark change inspired her to develop a deepened focus in social change and behavior shift work in children’s issues - including foster family recruitment, children trafficking, tobacco prevention programs, and developing mentoring programs for youth in need. Denise helped pioneer positive changes in language use and perception of foster care as it transitions to resource parenting. She has been innovative in helping change the thought process around foster care and adoption, debunking myths and misunderstandings about becoming a resource for youth.

As a certified Women-Owned Small Business (WSBA), Consortium Media has the dedication and experience needed for local and government contracts. Denise has sewn the fabric of CM’s culture to be woven with a deep commitment to helping non-profits and youth, bringing light and information to the public around social change. She donates countless professional service hours to raise awareness for causes that speak to her heart, with a specialty in linking charities and corporations together for cultural brand alignment programs that build capacity and success for all.

Amazing Team

Jennifer Curtis-Neves
Senior Vice President / General Manager / Brand Development LIV
Jamie Morrison
VP Creative Brand Development LIII
Ethan Koerten
Sr. Graphic Designer & Web Developer
Catalina Friz
Social Media Manager
Ava Hawley
Public Relations Associate
Jack Vielbig
Project Content Manager
Alyssa Ramirez
Project Coordinator/Marketing Associate
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