An Agency of Innovation
We use our experience as a catalyst for sparking new ideas.
Consortium Media brings 30 years of traditional marketing expertise. Using our experience, we carve new paths to transform and innovate trends.
Building powerful brands starts with a really great team.
Consortium Media developed our extended
CM+ Innovation line that includes:
ThoughtShift -
A Cultural Brand Strategy
Find the Need. Identify the Shift. Change Hearts and Minds.

Consortium Media has re-imagined branding to encompass success in social change.

From companies that want to re-enter the marketplace, carve new paths in innovation, with compassion, to redefining a cultural brand experience.

This specialty CM+ brand development program transforms brand campaigns that focus on shifting beliefs through public education on human and social services, youth advocacy and many more. We have outstanding results.
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CM+ Digital Workshop
Strong brand growth comes from the ability to consistently develop and deliver creative messaging and aesthetic codes on all outreach media platforms -- designed for your increasingly complex audiences.

Innovate with the fastest growth connection to our customer’s markets. From our high-end website development to international pay-per-click Google ad word programs, CM can support the ability for important, cost-effective, and consistent programs that run through all consumer touchpoints.
CM+ GeoAlgo ©
A revolution in social media advertising through positive business channels to the most attuned and relevant audiences.

CM+GeoAlgo© was developed by Consortium Media’s CEO Denise Bean-White from 13 years of social methodology and creative experience to geographically target consumers. CM features branded content through strategic and intensive demographic and keyword research, campaign set-up, optimization, testing and reporting that delivers success to our clients. CM+GeoAlgo is now used around the world for cost effective targeting.
CM+PR Complete PR
Our compassionate, consistent PR efforts provide crucial public education and informational campaigns to complex audiences.

We help our clients gain their desired impact by informing the public through positive, educational messaging for projects and issues that involve the community.

CM+Complete PR includes written information, articles, press release, VNR’s, editorial information, talking points, radio scripts and more. Much more than a press release.
CM+ Crisis
A crisis can occur at any moment. CM swiftly enters the marketplace for your company or cause, developing communication plans through CM+ ThoughtShift to restyle the messaging, find the truth and reach the desired audience.
CM+ Strategic
Brand Consulting
We love supporting in-house marketing teams to realize their brand vision.

In house marketing teams are marketing savvy and have intimate knowledge of the brand. We work with you and your in-house marketing team on further cultural image development and brand personality. Brand development is a special skillset, and cultural branding dives even deeper to re-envision a long-term image and develop messaging that resonates for your cause or corporation.
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