CM+ ThoughtShift
and Cultural Brand Strategy
The CM+ ThoughtShift Process: Brands Built on Culture
The rise and fall of great civilizations has a direct effect on our world today. Cultural branding uses the mores and ethnic backgrounds of people throughout history, focusing on finding future trends delivered to us from the past.

Cultural Brand Strategy keys in on how consumers experience the brand or cause and is sensitive to what your marketplace most desires to hear. Consortium Media provides our clients with an innovative pathway to change the way people think.

The CM+ThoughtShift process is our secret ingredient to shift social change messaging for industries including Child Welfare, Social Services, Food Insecurities, Corporate image, and more. Rooted in compassionate logic, our messaging encourages established brands to evolve and help build what we like to call BOOTHAS (Brands Out Of Thin Air).

Based on years of successful brand development, Denise Bean-White uses her knowledge of prehistory and world history cultures to ensure brand messaging is effectively and consistently communicated to today’s audiences while staying trend and central to the core vision of the client.
CM+ThoughtShift is recommended for clients who need to:
  • Re-think brands and add critical creative from refined cultural messaging and effectively target your consumers
  • Develop key messaging to shift preexisting beliefs for social change
  • Use history and current trends to restructure brands
  • Debunk myths and misinformation in key social awareness categories
Combined with our 5 Pillars of Marketing Success, CM+ThoughtShift clients see an accelerated brand shift into the hearts and minds of consumers!
Building powerful brands starts with a really great team.