Together with the guidance of the State’s mandates, Strengthening VC Families reflects the courage of all of the Human Services Agency and CFS leadership and staff, the Social justice workers, and the Homes with Heart VC resource family team to step forward with innovative best practices to ensure that children and families remain safe, happy and together.


Strengthening VC Families is a positive pathway based on the Ventura County Child and Family Services We Believe statements to convey our goals to deliver one of the most forward thinking child welfare programs in the state – one that continues to excel at protecting and empowering birth and resource families, children, youth and our special teens.

The CM+PR Solution - What We Did

A successful Strengthening VC Families philosophy brand that encompasses better pathways to convey their goals and deliver the most forward-looking child welfare programs in the state for protecting families and children.

CM+PR utilized our extensive experience with brand strategy and development to implement an overarching philosophy brand, Strengthening VC Families, which encompasses all of the innovations within Children and Family Services.

We created The Strengthening VC Families website with information to include fresh and innovative language, resources, social worker information, and the many ways Ventura County Children and Family Services continues to be a leader in family empowerment, through reunification, training, and social justice worker support.

CM+PR produced and directed an inspiring video where we interviewed four resource and biological families about their unique experiences supporting youth in care. Consortium Media’s cultural messaging expertise allowed us to illustrate the importance of educating the community about supporting and empowering families in Ventura County.

Our video work was able to conceptualize what it meant to be a resource family and walk alongside the birth families showing powerful emotions to create relatable messaging to engage the community.

Our video work received applause during National Foster Care Month at the Board of Supervisors Meeting where Supervisor Bennett, a youth in care countywide advocate and helpful supporter of Consortium Media’s recruitment outreach planning, which has been responsible for a 400% increase in resource family inquiries, said “This video is the most effective thing I’ve seen about the transition that has taken place regarding the role of foster parents. We need foster parents willing to stand with foster children and take care of them while their parents gets things straightened out. It is a completely different approach but the reality of the foster care world. This video really captured how healthy this approach could be.”

Strengthening VC Families