Everything is Different

COVID-19 has created a different and more challenging world of marketing for companies. How to re-enter? ​

Consortium Media is poised to help you and your company, nonprofit and service navigate and re-enter the marketplace gracefully, with long term success and relevance.​

We work with owners, CEO’s and in-house marketing teams to create exciting, illustrative, resounding messaging that sweep the market and gain additional visibility and community support for your brand’s mission.

The Why

It is the perfect time to renew your internal and external company focus. Future consumers will need to believe that your company is more than a great product, a super charity, or a wonderful service. ​

Without updating who you are in a thoughtful, innovative creative and targeted media strategies– how will you re-enter the marketplace successfully?

The How

As a successful re-entry brand, it is critical to explain how you are passionately expressing your culture within your internal teams and communities to inspire and move forward as a vibrant brand involved in helping the world. ​

Our innovative CM+ consumer innovation platforms reach and educate consumers, compelling then to accept and learn more about your brand and products. ​

A New Path.
A New Way Forward.

CM Re-Envision + Re-Entry Work

Culturalist Denise Bean-White gives Consortium Media clients a historic perspective to set messaging tone and provides a cultural adjustment in your vision, enhanced through collaboration with cause marketing in numerous touchpoints. 

  • During a plague, customer attention frequently changes, as must the messaging and the media for internal or public touchpoints. ​
  • Our CM+ThoughtShift cultural brand strategy has been added to our Re-Entry packages to help your company re-envision and express  your company’s distinct culture and vision.  ​
  • We believe helping others is the most positive and successful strategy to re-define your brand, commitment and image for greater success. ​
  • For 30+ years our CM+Alignment promotional strategies form collaborative partnerships that shift the focus and vision of your messaging based on the work your team does with causes and charity. ​

Re-Entry Packages

Easily customized for each client’s needs ​


  • Analysis and research of company vision and mission
  • Cultural Brand Strategy and Analysis​
  • Build projected goals for awareness perception and sales​
  • Integration/Consultation with in-house marketing teams ​
  • Meeting to build consensus on internal and external goals and vision​
  • Creative design and art recommendations​
  • Creative design and art recommendations​
  • Messaging development and approval​
  • Copy writing to establish refreshed language and copy points​
  • Design 5 Pillar multi-layer plan using our exclusive and innovative CM+ targeting products​
  • Provide media planning for Consortium Media market outreach plan
  • Approval of plan​

“Now more than ever in the life of your organization, it is imperative to reenvision, re-imagine, and speak your company’s truth.”


Homes with Heart – ILP

The ILP campaign, like other CM and HWHVC programs, worked to change the public’s perception of youth raised in the foster care system, and asked them to visit the website, learn how to get involved and help these amazing and wonderful youth.

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Ojai Wine Festival

For over 30 years, the Rotary Club of Ojai-West has hosted the annual Ojai Wine Festival, where all net proceeds go to aid many important Rotary Community Service Projects both locally and internationally.

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