Workforce Development Board of Ventura County

How we developed a marketing strategy to expand awareness of WDBVC services and resources to job seekers and employers across the region.
Our Challenge.

The Workforce Development Board of Ventura County commissioned a Digital Insight survey in 2021 that showed that 5 out of 5 people did not know the name or services offered by Workforce Development Board. Local employers were also unaware of WDBVC.   The Workforce Development Board of Ventura County tasked CM to raise brand awareness, increase awareness of a large number of grants, boost attendance at seminars, and provide program outreach and other communications services to connect employers with qualified, skilled talent and job seekers with employment and career development opportunities.   The target market included businesses, jobseekers, constituents, Elected, stakeholders and customers of focus under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, such as English Language Learners, people with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, disadvantaged youth, veterans, and more.

The Work

Consortium Media employed its unique public information and outreach action plan for Workforce Development Board of Ventura County.  Goals were set to highlight WDBVC services, inform job seekers and employers, and grants were highlighted to develop name recognition as well as information about the resources available to job seekers and employers across the region as well as increase seminar attendance.  Businesses and job seekers needed to find each other, as well as WDB needed to be positioned as a key resource and an agency to turn to and make connections, particularly-post Covid.  

CM developed a strategic marketing plan and used our award-winning creative and copywriting, and layering of public relations, radio and other legacy media, and a full suite of trackable digital advertising including our proprietary targeting and lifestyle platform - CM+GeoAlgo and boosts. Using our core competency of creating business alignments CM identified and worked with multiple agencies and businesses to target the specific groups in the community including people experiencing homelessness, English Language Learners and other disadvantaged populations.  Six new organizations aligned with WDBVC due to our outreach. All material was developed in Spanish & English, and outreach support and other communications was completed with diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront.

The Results.

The Results from July 2022 to date:

  1. WDBVC earned a Paid Advertising Equivalency of : $18,300
  1. 23.2% increase of visitors to the website
  1. Increase in followers across media platforms:  
  • Followers – FB: 59 new followers in a span of 6 months, 883.3%  
  • Followers – IG: 132 new followers in the span of 6 months, 716.1%
  • Followers – LI : 77 new followers in the span of 6 months, 32.8%

Our CM+Geo Algo garnered over 1 million impressions, our content was engaged over 17k times which resulted in over 8.9k link clicks.