CM+PR is always searching for inspiring stories from Aspiranet, showing their amazing work on behalf of children and families. Through collaboration with Aspiranet directors and program managers, CM+PR heard Lacey’s story.

Our press department secured a unique opportunity with Parents Magazine to share Lacey’s story in an article and additionally, via the magazine’s website and social media pages. Lacey’s story went VIRAL, being shared over 45,000x’s and reaching several million social media users.

CM+PR also shared the story on Aspiranet’s social sites and statewide county sites on behalf of our client. Lacey’s story then captured the attention of another, larger national publication, People Magazine, who published a second story in their digital issue.

“Denise Bean-White, President of Consortium Media, is a unique community leader whose skills as an accomplished media consultant are applied to her commitment to social impact. Her work with Aspiranet has focused on bringing awareness to the needs of children and youth. She believes that we should recognize foster youth’s potential and support their future.”

Vernon M. Brown

President, Aspiranet
Lacey’s story has been shared in several blogs and garnered interviews on additional sites, providing millions of impressions for the Aspiranet parent Lacey Dunkin.
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