Foster Park Clean Up

Immediate Results: How we rapidly received over 100 applicants for a short-term job.
Our Challenge.

The goal was to quickly find 10 to 15 workers that could be hired and start working right away.

Campaign Overview 

After winter storms flooded and destroyed a large local park in 2023, WDBVC wanted unemployed county residents to sign-up for short-term jobs, cleaning up and repairing the park.  

The Work

We put on a multi-platform campaign, targeting areas with higher unemployment through social media, radio, press in English and Spanish, and physical print posters. The messaging stressed the immediacy of the work, while being transparent about the benefits and pay. We encouraged community members to take advantage of this opportunity to restore their community as they received employment.

The Results.

The available job positions were filled almost immediately, and within a few weeks, a waitlist of nearly 90 eager workers had formed, all wanting to take part in the park clean-up. This campaign was proof to us that the brand we had built for WDBVC over the past couple of years was trustworthy and was reaching large audiences of workers in the county.