CM+PR cultural brand strategy was heavily employed for our Latino outreach efforts based on the Familia campaign theme. The outreach, including cultural creative, radio, print, social media, and press, was focused on the Spanish Informational Meeting (June 30) hosted at the Consulate of Mexico in Oxnard.

“More homes are urgently needed, especially Spanish-speaking families in the cities of Ventura and Oxnard. Children and youth really thrive when they’re in loving, stable homes with caring adults who can share family traditions and culture.”

Ana Navarro

Resource Family & Community Development Coordinator for Foster VC Kids
What does FAMILY mean to you?

The Spanish language based campaign included e-blasts to county staff, networks, and City of Oxnard neighborhood councils, social media advertising to targeted zip codes in Oxnard and Ventura, along with heartwarming video clips (featuring Natalie Torres and Sonia Correa) shared across multiple platforms, Spanish language radio and interviews, posters, flyers, postcards distributed among Oxnard and Ventura businesses and high-traffic areas, plus, a live radio remote from the event site on Saturday morning.

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