First 5 Ventura County (F5VC) faced a significant budget reduction with the Prop 10 tax on tobacco products steadily declining as anticipated. The Commission and local program directors worked to develop a strategic plan and reimaged the current service models to best achieve the F5VC mission of promoting school readiness on a more limited budget.

F5VC turned to Consortium Media for branding and public relations support during this critical program shift. They required a communication plan that informed various stakeholders and delivered consistent messaging around the sustainability changes to its investments, programs and services.

What We Did

Consortium Media worked alongside First 5 Ventura County (F5VC) as the primary consultant/ PR firm to develop and implement a strategic public relations and community education campaign during their recent program model change.

The Consortium Media team communicated changes to broad audiences with transparency, reduced confusion in the community, and communicated changes in a sensitive and positive manner. A strategic communication plan was created with rollout timelines using social media, website, e-newsletters, Op-eds, press releases, and collateral material to ease the transition to a single source program model.

The communication plan was transparent, flexible and successfully navigated many challenges allowing F5VC to keep local parents, staff and community members well informed and on the same F5VC mission to help local children prepare for school and ensure the program sustainability for all children in the future years.

 “Consortium Media developed talking points, collateral materials, and a media strategy that we employed throughout our transition to a new contractor and program model for our birth to three and family support initiative. Their guidance allowed us to maintain our positive image in the community and navigate sensitive, complex situations with local families and elected officials.” – Lauren Arzu, Program Manager, First 5 Ventura County Social Media Management

Positive Press PAE: $70,300 over 6 months

Positive press focusing on essential F5VC programs including their very own Take Five and Read program, opening of new preschools, awards and open house events were brought forward in the local press to raise current community awareness and understanding of the deep role and commitment F5VC has for their community.


Creative/ Branding for new programs and Initiatives

Consortium Media also assisted F5VC with strategic re-branding and brand extensions for the new rollout of programs in the community including: