Homes with Heart VC Independent Living Program

Approximately 200 young adults age out of the child welfare system every month in the state of CA. Many of these youth have no shelter, jobs, or daily essentials to get by day-to-day.Ventura County Human Services Agency’s Children & Family Services provides Independent Living Services to foster and emancipated youth between the ages of 16 and 21, with the goal of helping youth in foster care reach their personal and professional goals during their transition to self-sufficiency.

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CM+ Solution

Consortium Media has worked passionately in the child welfare industry for over 15 years. CM was tasked with developing an extensive campaign to increase awareness about the importance of supporting older youth in the independent living program (ILP), and the direct need for resource families in and around Ventura County. Together with compassion and the utilization of our successful 5 Pillar approach, CM delivered a program that redefines the way older youth in foster care are perceived by promoting social change in their communities.

CM crafted a unique Independent Living Program (ILP) campaign integrating thoughtshift messaging to remove the stigma around older youth in foster care to transform the community’s perception of older youth in care. CM also utilized our proprietary CM+ Geo Algo™ to target specific demographics for areas in need, as well as an extensive press push to recruit additional resource families and avenues of support available to the community.

During the campaign, CM highlighted a surprise car donation for an older youth living in the Homes with Heart Independent Living Program. With a day’s notice, CM garnered the attention of ABC 7 and KEYT 3 to highlight the experience utilizing our complete PR package, providing photos, film footage and key interviews to be dispersed to media outlets who were unable to attend.

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