Our County. Our Kids. A Program of Santa Barbara County Dept. Of Social Services
(Children & Family Services)

How we increased website traffic by 94.9% 


The Challenge 

Consortium developed the Our County. Our Kids. brand in early 2016. From there we went on to develop their logo, website, brand elements, social platforms, and full marketing campaign. This new branding of the department was highly successful, and that success led to an overabundance of homes for children in need in Santa Barbara County. We then took the Our County. Our Kids. Brand and created the initiative Brighter Future. This was to ensure the higher needs children and youth were also placed in loving resource family homes and were provided a sense of stability, lifelong connections, and guidance with important life tasks to allow them to become healthy productive adults.

The Work 

CM created an engaging and inspiring campaign for Our County. Our Kids. with a multi-layered media approach that empowered people to improve the lives of children. Using Geo Algo, they reached new audiences, helping them to understand why to help.  Incorporating powerful short video clips featuring resource families and older foster youth to add to the social media posts to inspire empathy and increase engagement.

The Results 

Within the first year, Our County. Our Kids. website traffic increased by 97.9%. The public relations campaign earned over $1,284,000 in paid advertising equivalency, the social media fan base grew by over 1,198 people and had over 5.6 million media impressions. In our 6th year, we are continually amazed by the positive acceptance of OC.OK. In all of Santa Barbara County.

The Our County. Our Kids. Deliverables Include
  • Re-branding to use new language based on our social justice work.
  • A full media schedule including radio, print and digital advertising.
  • Press and public relations outreach.
  • Logo design, established brand guidelines and full suite of promotional materials.
  • Brand new website design and a pay per click campaign.
  • An integrated social media campaign and management.
  • ROI reports and analysis.
The Bottom Line

The fabric of CM+PR culture is woven with a charitable approach and deep commitment to helping non-profits build enhanced brand recognition and engagement. We are honored to work with Santa Barbara County’s Our County. Our Kids. program to create a ground swell of change in the foster care recruitment efforts