Consortium Media builds successful, passionate programs around improving communication and positive results for youth in (foster) care, and all their related families. We have 14+ years of experience in working within child welfare systems, across the country, including agencies and FFA’s. In order to follow our mission of education around helping youth in (foster) care needed to achieve exponential growth in caregivers and in concert with innovative Ventura County Children and Family Services we developed a short film – “Choose Love” on behalf of Ventura County social workers.

Ventura County’s Children and Family Services brand growth and awareness programs -developed with Consortium Media– have made amazing strides. Our new short film around international speaker Michael Sanders and his social justice worker presentation was filmed live in Ventura CA is one of our latest CM+PR cultural brand strategy programs to improve understand of these amazing professionals – our Social Justice Workers.


Social workers are at the very heart of family services getting the work done. They are hardworking, are committed to children, youth and families – often working long hours with huge caseloads.  They search, struggle, push, cajole and love youth, children, babies, families, birth parents and help ask resource foster parents to step up and be the best they can be. Despite such commitment towards the work, these workers are often seen in a less favorable light by the general populous.

The Work. The Film.

Consortium Media designed a program to honor and bring social workers stories to light – a light that shines on their humor, their grace under pressure and the tremendous difficulties that they face in working with this youth population so in need of help and love.  We brought the social workers front and forward, where they deserved to be, with videos and great pictures to Foster VC Kids social platforms (now Homes with Heart) FB, Instagram, website and more.

To have a more focused and impactful effect, CM partnered with Michael Sanders; an influencer and expert on teenagers to create a film for Ventura County’s CFS, to bring social workers, foster kids, and resource families front and forward.  Consortium Media worked with Indigenous Pictures, one of LA’s top film companies, and Andrew Brown, Editor. CM+PR’s cultural strategist, Denise Bean-White directed and produced the project. Shanna Malone supported scripting and editing. The short film highlights over 350 social workers who attended the two-part social worker day of inspiration with Michael Sanders.

Social workers were able to engage with the panelists and hear from their individual perspectives what they could do better to serve the youth in Ventura County. As a training film, this project will help many social workers know they are supported and sustained in this work with children in need.

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