Ventura County Public Work Agency (VCPWA) strives to be a regional leader in delivering efficient, responsive, cost-effective and innovative Public Works services that protect and enhance the safety, health and quality of life in Ventura County.

CM+PR was tasked with the challenge of increasing public awareness for the VCPWA, sharing stories about the leaders and unsung heroes who shape the 400-plus employee agency, and highlighting the work they do to improve the quality of life for Ventura County residents.

students attended National Public Works Day in 2016
dollars in Paid Advertising Equivalency* in 2016
Through the use of social media, web, public relations, public interaction, and media reporting:

CM+PR helped the Ventura County Public Works Agency improve public education and understanding on the services they provide to enhance safety, health and quality of life for citizens of Ventura County.

CM+PR saw National Public Works Day as an important opportunity for the public to connect with VCPWA.

In 2013, we took the lead on planning an expansive community event at the Ventura County Government Center, transforming it into an interactive learning center highlighting the many facets of the VCPWA team.  Growing the attendance from 35 to 550 students, teachers and parents has been a fountain of knowledge for future careers and understanding of what VCPWA does in maintaining the quality of life in our Ventura County community.

  • A full media schedule including radio and print
  • Development of artwork and copy for the monthly newsletter
  • Press and public relations outreach
  • Social media content development and page management
  • Website design
  • Photography at events
*Paid Advertising Equivalency (PAE) is CM + PR’s method of assigning value to earned media secured for our clients.  Earned media consists of press articles and other public relations pieces such as corporate moves, reviews, brand alignments, charity drives and recommendations made in publications or on media platforms not owned by the client or Consortium Media.  Such press or public relations pieces are extremely valuable because (1) editorial content cannot be purchased and (2) they carry the implied endorsement of the publication in which they are included.
The Bottom Line

CM+PR works closely with VCPWA to increase public information and education around the agency’s important work as well as continue to build awareness and teamwork throughout the agency’s 5 divisions.

VCPWA’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in Ventura County. VCPWA and CM+PR’s program has been studied throughout counties in the state of California as a benchmark in creating brand awareness, promoting safety and highlighting best practices.