Celebrating Historic Icon, Dolores Huerta

CEDC – Dolores Huerta Gardens Groundbreaking Event
Our Challenge.

The challenge for CEDC was twofold: to honor the legacy of civil rights icon Dolores Huerta and raise awareness about the groundbreaking event. The goal was to emphasize the importance of affordable housing for farmworker families and veterans, gaining community support and involvement.

Campaign Overview

Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) celebrated a historic event with the groundbreaking ceremony for the Dolores Huerta Gardens Apartments. This affordable housing community, dedicated to farmworker families and veterans, represents a significant milestone in addressing the housing needs of underserved populations in Ventura County.

The Work

The Media Strategy

The strategy aimed to highlight the significance of the groundbreaking, attract media attention, and engage the community. Key elements of the media strategy included:

  • Honoring Dolores Huerta: The campaign focused on honoring Dolores Huerta's extraordinary contributions to civil rights and labor activism. Through various media channels, CM aimed to showcase Dolores Huerta as a guest speaker and special guest, elevating the event's prestige.
  • Public Relations Outreach: Consortium Media organized an extensive public relations outreach campaign to secure media coverage. Press releases were crafted, media pitches were tailored, and journalists were invited to attend the groundbreaking ceremony. Consortium Media ensured that key messages about the new affordable housing impact on the community were communicated effectively.
  • Video Interviews: Consortium Media arranged and conducted compelling video interviews with Dolores Huerta, capturing her thoughts on the significance of the new community. These interviews were strategically shared on social media and other marketing platforms.

Our Campaign

CEDC and Consortium Media's collaborative efforts brought the media strategy to life. Through targeted media outreach, Consortium Media secured significant press coverage in both local and regional outlets. Journalists and media representatives were invited to attend the event to capture the historical moment and share its impact with a wider audience.

The video interviews conducted with Dolores Huerta provided authentic and powerful storytelling about the mission and purpose of the Dolores Huerta Gardens Apartments. These interviews were developed to share across various media platforms, amplifying the significance of new affordable housing and creating a sense of community involvement.

Consortium Media's social media experts developed captivating content that highlighted Dolores Huerta's legacy and the importance of affordable housing for farmworker families and veterans. They engaged with the audience, shared the event story and drove interest in the groundbreaking ceremony.

The Results.

The public relations efforts resulted in extensive media coverage, with press releases gaining attention from local and regional news outlets. Key interviews with dignitaries and Dolores Huerta garnered additional media attention and elevated the project's visibility. The groundbreaking ceremony marked a significant step towards addressing the housing needs of farmworker families and veterans, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive community future.

The campaign generated over XXX impressions on social media platforms, reaching a substantial audience across various demographics.

The public relations efforts resulted in over XXX worth of Publicity Advertising Equivalent (PAE), indicating the extensive media coverage garnered for the groundbreaking event.