Ventura County Children & Family Services

FFPSA Breakthrough: Innovative Approach Strengthens Families
Our Challenge.

The local youth market was not educated on, nor interested in public works, and when CM took undertook the event, it had only 35 attendees.

The Work

The Media Strategy and Campaign

CM planned a range of public outreach to grow the event, including press, radio, graphic design, public relations, social media, website design, newsletter design, and the development of an activity book for students to complete in tandem with the event.  

The event was designed so that youth and attendees were given the opportunity to learn about recent innovations in safety, science, and environmental sustainability. Newly created zoned stations featured over 30 interactive booths with hands-on activities and live demonstrations. CM’s support on the day of the event included setup, photography, videography, project management, and more.

The Results.

In 2018, “Public Works Day” garnered a total of 11,797,446 impressions, and CM has grown the event from a mere 35 attendees to over 1300 students, parents, and teachers, who were able to tour through the interactive exhibits and booths, a 4,000% growth. Throughout this same time frame, VCPWA’s total social media follower count grew from 150 followers to over 17,000 across three platforms, an 11,300% growth.